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Foster Creek Baptist Church was founded in 1867 in Louisa, Virginia.

Foster Creek Baptist Church

Current Minister

Today, Foster Creek is led by Reverend Michael R. Crawley, Jr. who was installed as pastor in 2004.

Rev. Michael Crawley, Jr.

Under his leadership new building additions have been completed. Reverend Pantheir Whiting, who is female, was elected and serves as the Youth Minister. Praise in Motion praise dancers and Out of the Mouth of Babes Choir was established as well as an annual Community Extravaganza.

A Little Foster Creek Baptist Church History
Being guided by the Spirit of God, a desire aroused in the hearts of the people to establish a church.  Thus, in 1795, a church named Siloam was established, but this church was generally referred to as Foster Creek.  Its membership was composed of an integrated congregation.
About 1856, a new building became necessary for the comfort of the Baptist congregation.  George Hackett offered one-half acre of land free, and to sell one-half acre.  This offer was accepted.  

This acre of land is located one and a half miles from Foster Creek and the present structure, completed in 1857, and was named Berea.
Berea retained possession of the Foster Creek branch of faith until 1867 when permission was requested and granted that the black members could worship there after the Baptist resurge.
On the fifth Sunday in September, thirty-nine black members were dismissed from Berea, and on that day organized and held services at Foster Creek.  

In 1867, permission was requested and granted that the black members  could worship at Foster Creek .  On the 5th Sunday in September, thirty-nine black members were  dismissed from Berea and held services at Foster Creek.

First Minister
The organized Foster Creek Baptist Church called its first minister, the Reverend Samuel Quarles. Rev. Quarles was widely recognized in his day as an organizer and community leader.

More of Foster Creek's rich history may be read in the program from our 145th Anniversary.